Double Face Of PTFE Coated Glass Fabric

Product Code: PTFE Kaplı Cam Elyaf Kumaş
Definition : PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is woven from high-quality E-glass filament yarn. Applying special processing on both sides is then coated with PTFE.

Application Areas : Drying oven and microwave bands moving welding blankets, fire protection curtains, the expansion plug-in equipment, is the perfect and ideal material for non-metallic expansion joints and corrosion protection applications.

Fiber and Home Fabric  Coating Type Weaving Type Operating Temperature Fabric Thickness Fabric Weight Coated Fabric Weight Coated Fabric Thickness Strip Tensile Strength Weft / Warp Tear Strength Weft / Warp
Glass Fiber Cloth Both Sides PTFE Coating Satin 260 oC 0.35 mm 405 g/m2 605 ±10 g g/m2 0.42 ±0.02 mm 2280/3450 N/5 cm 47/49 N/5 cm
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